Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming home

So after a long day in Akihabra, digging through bookstores, video stores and toy stores, we were dead tired yesterday. John found some Godzilla goodies to bring back to the states.

We paid 1000¥ to get access to the video on demand service, and were able to watch I Am Legend last night (English with Japanese subtitles), and some cartoons this morning (Donald Duck speaking in Japanese is pretty wild).

Last night's big earthquake woke Stan and had him ready to head out to the airport at 1am. John would have probably slept through it had Stan not waken him for the tail end of the tremor. We sat up for the next half hour looking on the internet and watching the news reports about it. We had joked that it would be interesting to see what an earthquake felt like on the 30th floor of our hotel. Now we know - well, Stan does anyway...

We're at the airport now. Unfortunately, no inexpensive upgrades to Business Class this time around. We upgraded to economy plus for the few extra millimeters of legroom - who knows, maybe it will be more comfortable than those clunky recliners.

To be honest, it really can be annoying if someone keeps interrupting you to fill your wine glass every 15 minutes on a 10+ hour flight. We'll be free of such disruptions this time.

We've had an airport snack and picked up some more goodies in the airport stores in case we get hungry on the flight (no sushi, no dried fish, and no seaweed chips).

We're on the internet for the next few hours, so if you need us to pick up anything (again, we're not bringing back ANY dried seaweed), now's the time to let us know.


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