Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sushi... again?

Today was the first day of the show. There was a decent turnout, and we sold a fair number of our prints. We don't know how the books and posters are doing, and weren't motivated to research it at the end of the day today - we'll know soon enough.

That said, we did get a handful of requests for autographs (and even a photo!?). Some folks were requesting autographs of all the artists - and John took to drawing a Stormtrooper helmet with his English/Japanese signatures. It made at least one fan, to quote, "very, very, very happy."

We got to see a lot of our new and old pals - Bonnie, Pete, Steve and Mary of Lucasfilm, Dan and Jimmy Mac (Jimmy interviewed John for an upcoming podcast) of Rebelscum and respectively, Tsuneo Sanda and his family, and Lawrence Noble and his family. The list goes on and on.

Pete came across a vintage Panasonic Sparky robot, an extremely rare Japanese item based on a Ralph McQuarrie concept. The bum! We were pretty jealous.

Here's Lawrence working on his Luke Skywalker sculpture.

John bought a bunch of cool Raiders of the Lost Ark vending machine toys (it got pretty silly as he was chasing down enough 100¥ coins as those were all the machines supported).

The big excitement of the day for us Californians was our first Japanese earthquake experience. Too bad we weren't in our 30th floor hotel room - that would have been pretty amazing. No, we were on the show floor, which just seemed to roll with a lengthy, continuous wave as if you were on a raft on a calm sea. John claims this may have been an aftershock following the rip in the space time continuum created following his trying sushi the night before...

So with a huge group in tow, we headed back out for another night of Japanese cuisine. Tomorrow night is Tony Roma's (thanks for the tip, Wade).

In a 1999 flashback, Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) joined a nearby group and made it over to see us as well. He was serving saki to just about everyone in the restaurant at one point - but what else would you expect from a protocol droid.

We showed off our luxurious accommodations (read: view) to some folks before crashing for the night (as most of you will just be getting up).

John's presentation is tomorrow afternoon, and it will be interesting to see if there's a translator, or if it will be a pretty picture show.

We're not sweating the little details - we're just focused on hanging out with friends and having a good time.

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Christine said...

There are some photos missing methinks.
Where's the picture of Anthony Daniels serving sake?(Sounds like a good time had by all.)

Also, where's the picture of John trying sushi? We need to have photographic evidence before we can attribute any rip in the space-time continuum, or disturbance in the force, to alleged sushi samplings.

Good luck with your presentation, John.