Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The idiots have landed!

Vonna dropped us off at SFO right around 9am, and things got off to a good start when we were offered an awesome deal to upgrade to Business Class when checking in. Well, offered probably isn't the right word - the attendant skipped right past the upgrade, assuming these two idiots were definitely NOT Business Class travelers. Fortunately, my eyes were keen this morning and we went back and jumped on the deal.

We relaxed in the red carpet lounge with society's upper crust before our flight, enjoying a complimentary continental breakfast. Here's Stanley before and after sipping his morning cocktail. Not too shabby!

Now bring on the extra legroom!

And HOLY SMOKES was there legroom!

I couldn't touch the chair in front of me with my feet... For future reference, Business Class to Japan is better than First Class domestic. Cocktails, warm nuts, fancy meals, frequent attention and pampering... we got a lot for the small price of the upgrade.

Too bad all the movies they were playing were garbage, and that they made us close the window shades for the bulk of the flight. You'd think the world was full of babies who can't sleep with a light on...

Between dozing off, John watched bits of Dawn of the Dead and Godzilla Fantasia on his iPod, and Stanley read a book of stories by a possible future Dreams and Visions Press author. Since we had some time to kill, John finally finished the presentation he'll be giving at the show on Sunday.

We'll see where things go from here, but so far, this trip gets two thumbs up!

The hotel is reasonable, and right across from the convention center.

Sayonara for now!


Paul-RMQ said...

Great, glad you had leg room.

Don't spend too much on giant robots and monsters ;)

Christine said...

Warm nuts?
That's some service!