Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our work here is finished...

We have more photos to go through, including John's official greeting of the G-man, but with our locating the statue of Godzilla in downtown Tokyo yesterday, we checked the last item off his Tokyo to-do list.

It was a long day trekking through Tokyo - led by the Sanda clan and joined by the Nobles, we hit Akihabra (where we'll be heading back today to do more shopping)

the Ginza shopping district (how much is that Dino in the window?)

Asakusa temple (this time everyone got their fortune by shaking a stick out of a tin cylinder, and then finding a fortune that matched the number on the stick - Stan was the recipient of the 'very best fortune')

the Imperial Palace

and Shibuya.

We crawled back into the hotel just after midnight, which is why this post is only going up this morning.

It's interesting to note that in our travels, we ran into Troy Alders from Lucasfilm and his son on the train to Akihabra the morning, Star Wars model-maker Lorne Peterson (and separately our artist neighbors from the show) at Asakusa temple, and while Stan and Larry were taking a break in Shibuya, they were spotted by the Chinese garrison of the 501st squadron who were also in town for the show. Talk about a small world...

One more day in the land of the rising sun, and then it's Sayonara Japan.

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Christine said...

Go, go Godzilla!
Great pictures! Can't wait to see the rest.
Thanks for taking us to Japan with you.