Sunday, July 20, 2008

In Search Of...

So the rumors of a Tony Roma's in Chiba remain unfounded... we'll try to find it again tomorrow. We ended up having dinner with Bonnie and Pete at an Italian restaurant. It wasn't the best Italian food, but pasta was a nice change of pace from the native Japanese cuisine.

On our way back, we bumped into Jimmy Mac, Dan and Dave on the street, looking for the fabled Tony Roma's we'd been bragging about going to for dinner. Jimmy mentioned that the day-one wrap up of the Forcecast had been posted, including the interview with John. You can click the link to check it out if you want PROOF that we had sushi.

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Christine said...

"You're a big boy, now."
I don't think this is going to hold up in court as PROOF that you tried the sushi, John. I believe I said photographic evidence was required.

Actually, I just wanted to see the picture of you holding your nose and swallowing a piece of raw fish. This is a blog about 2 idiots in Japan, after all, so show us the idiocy!

Sorry to make light of your suffering. Obviously you are exhibiting signs of PTSD--post traumatic sushi disorder. The following evidence shows that you may have indulged is some sushi experimentation:

#1: I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of fishies suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

#2: "Sushi...again?" The title of this blog entry has very little to do with the actual content other than the brief mention of you attributing an earthquake to your sushi experimentation. You are obviously overwhelmed with recurring thoughts of sushi trauma or it would have been quite plain to you that an earthquake could only be caused by Godzilla rising.

#3: "We had sushi for dinner" No exclamatory punctuation, no descriptions of you swallowing slimy bits and having Stan hold your head over the toilet all night--you are too traumatized to even relate the harrowing experience. Also, no self respecting person would go to Japan and order a piece of avocado wrapped in seaweed unless, like a cast member of Survivor ingesting insects, they were desperate for some sort of sustenance.

Although I'm not actually sure that counts as trying sushi. Could we get confirmation from Stan that John actually had raw fish? Well, good for you for trying something new, anyway, John. I hope you find the fabled mecca of Tony Roma's tonight so you can begin the healing process with some world famous ribs. If not, try to make do on the tempura as best you can.

Nice interview with Jimmy Mac. For those who want to hear just John's interview, skip to the end.

Did John try the sushi? You be the judge.